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Are you a book lover? Then you are in a right place that is Reed Books.  Tourist from all over the world t enjoy stopover for author Jim Reed at his rare-book loft. A popular encouraging writer and calm gothic humorist Jim, has authored quite a lot of books, and one of his latest popular books is DAD'S TWEED COAT: SMALL WISDOMS HIDDEN COMFORTS UNEXPECTED JOYS. These books can be purchased at the store, or may be ordered within the country from any new-book store.  Alabama’s leading and most magnificent old book loft and museum of fond memories is ‘Reed Books’.

Reed Books
2101 Third Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 326-4460

Benidorm Bikes

Benidorm Bikes, an excellent bike store, shares a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP experience. This bike store helps to choose you the type of bike that will suit you’re the type of riding you are into. You will be also offered a test track that will help you take a decision on a bike.

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