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Top stores are no doubt the best place to shop in the whole city but, it is also the best place to date with your girl or beloved, and impress her by the exclusive American shopping. Here is the list of top best 10 stores across USA.

Tiffany and Co.

Buying something for you loved ones from this store is worth more than 1000 words. Many people visit the store when they plan their engagement as they know that the gift purchased from Tiffany and Co. is sure to please their beloved. The movie ’Breakfast at Tiffany's’ is based on this store. It is located at the 727 Fifth Ave, New York.

Macy’s, Manhattan NYC

Macy’s department store is the shopping icon of NYC. Built in 1902, it has maintained its popularity successively over the years by pleasing its customers with its customer centric service and approach. It is located on Broadway between the 34th and 35th street.

Apple Store Soho

Apple’s flagship store located at Prince St. 103, New York, is a shopping frenzy across America. Beating tough competitors, this computer giant is now dominating the multimedia industry. Apart from shopping computers, multimedia accessories and latest gazettes, many people make use of the free internet terminals provided by the store and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere.

B+H Photo

For photo enthusiasts this shop is a real paradise. Located slightly off the road at the 9th Avenue, 420, New York, this shop has everything from small to big appliances. Once you enter, you cannot stop buying the camera which you always wanted to buy, at a reasonable price and with best bargain.

Neiman Marcus

It is a best destination for fashion and buying trendy accessories in California. It is located at 150 Stockton St., San Francisco, CA. This store is popular amongst teenagers as well as trendy women, who constantly keep an eye on the latest fashion.

Virgin Megastore, Los Angeles, California

It is an ideal destination for LP and CD releases. Located at 8000 Sunset Blvd, this Hollywood Virgin Megastore is a great place to greet and meet popular recording artists. This store is a shopper’s bliss to purchase wide range of tracks with best bargains. It is a fun loving place for music lovers.

Ron Jon’s Surf Shop

It is a popular consumer runner for water sports and beach enthusiasts that is located near cocoa beach, at N. Atlantic Ave 4151, Florida. Weather you need swimwear for the pool or skimboards for the beach or skateboards for sidewalk, Ron Jon’s Shop has everything for your beach activities and sports.

Filene’s basement

Filene’s basement is a popular tourists and local Bostonian’s shopping destination that has great deal of designer clothes. This store is a huge one stop shopping point that you can spend whole day shopping. It’s really amazing and once you enter, you cannot stop shopping as it creates an undeniable mood for shopping. It is located at 497 Boyslton Street, Boston, MA.

Brix wine Shop

It is locates at 1284 Washington Street, Boston, MA, and it is the best place for aisles and long time wines. It is a quick stop wine shop where you can place special orders or get wine gift basket or shop you favorite wine after the corporate and private tasting.

Wolfbait & B-Girls Facts

Wolfbait & B-Girls Facts is specialized in locally designed goods. This famous shop is located at 3131 West Logan Boulevard, Chicago. The items are slightly expensive than H&M as they are handmade but they look really elegant! You have a wide range of wardrobes, dresses, tops, skirts, jewelry items and many more to choose from.

Benidorm Bikes

Benidorm Bikes, an excellent bike store, shares a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP experience. This bike store helps to choose you the type of bike that will suit you’re the type of riding you are into. You will be also offered a test track that will help you take a decision on a bike.

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