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Allison's Candle Corner store is famous candle merchandise and shipping exclusive candles nation wide to a number of customers, fund raisers, and wholesalers. The Allison's Candle Corner's candles are a better value for the customer's money because the candles burn very cleanly, leaving no wax residue on the side of the jar. The quality controlled from the beginning of the candle making also is affordable to purchase with many choices. The oils used in making the candles are true pure essence oils which has no alcohol and only have enough preservative added to prevent it from spoiling. Also, Allison's Candle Corner offers remarkably effective exclusive cleaner and freshener line.

Allison’s Candle Corner
612 H East Main Plaza
Magnolia, AR 71753
Toll-free Phone Number: (877)235-1422
Fax Number: (870)234-3187

Benidorm Bikes

Benidorm Bikes, an excellent bike store, shares a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP experience. This bike store helps to choose you the type of bike that will suit you’re the type of riding you are into. You will be also offered a test track that will help you take a decision on a bike.

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