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Shopping on a Disney World trip is all part of the fun. If one dreams of the Disney world this is the best place to look for. All your Disney friends are there: Minnie, Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy. You will see new ones, such as the characters from the "Corpse Bride", "Toy Story" and "The Incredible". This store offers clothes, toys, holiday merchandise, and collectibles. This store consists of different sections for everyone like collections for girls, boys, Adults, Characters in  this children can get dress as per the desired cartoon characters. Then they have section for toys and games, home decor, Pins, Arts Collections, DVD, Music and More.

Disney Store

8200 Perry Hall Blvd # 1340,

Baltimore, MD

(410) 933-0882

Benidorm Bikes

Benidorm Bikes, an excellent bike store, shares a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP experience. This bike store helps to choose you the type of bike that will suit you’re the type of riding you are into. You will be also offered a test track that will help you take a decision on a bike.

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